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RVing with your Pet

Publish Date: Feb 12, 2021 Author: Ashley Rego Category: Tips

An RV family vacation isn't a vacation if the entire family isn't there! Your furry four-legged friends are up for any adventure and the benefit to RVing, is you can bring them with you whenever you want, where ever you go! 

According to the Canadian Pet Expo (, 75% of RV owners also own pets. In fact, 53% of RV owners have dogs and 41% have cats and more and more Rvers are bringing their furry friends on the road with them. 

If you've never traveled with your pet before, it might seem daunting. It's new for you and for them but it can be enjoyed by everyone as long as you have a solid plan in place. Preparation is key and we're here to share some tips on how to travel with your pets. 

Pack for your pet. 

Make sure they have all the necessary tools to have a great vacation with you. Like yourself, there are certain things a dog should not travel without. Make sure to pack:

Family in front of an RV

  • Proof of vaccines & important medications
  • Food, treats, spill-proof dishes and toys
  • Leash, collar, crates or pens
  • Bedding and cleaning supplies for accidents

Designate a safe travel spot. 

Choosing a location for your pet to sit while on the road is important. If you're towing a fifth wheel or travel trailer, your pet will need to ride in the vehicle with you as it is never safe to ride in the trailer while towing. Riding in a motorhome might initially make your dog feel nervous. It's a little bit different than riding in a car and it might take a bit to adjust. Consider laying your pets bedding or something it's familiar with in a designated spot where you can ensure it is relaxed and less anxious. 

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Locate local vets. 

Though your furry friend may be up-to-date with their shots and seem perfectly fine when you leave for your trip, things can happen and you want to be fully prepared when they do. Make sure wherever you plan on going, you do some research before you leave and locate a vet in the area in case of an emergency.

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Incorporate exercise and mental stimulation.

Being cramped up for hours while traveling to your destination can be exhausting, even for our pets. Like us, dogs need their exercise to stimulate both their physical and mental health. If your RV isn't big enough for them to run around  and play, make sure you find a nearby pet-friendly park for them to take a break, stretch and exert some of that energy that's been built up. 

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Prepare for wildlife encounters.

The chances of running into wildlife when you're camping are pretty high..and we're not just talking a bird or a squirrel. If your pet runs into a bigger critter or creature, make sure you have control over your pet and have the ability to call them back if they decide to pounce. It's best to make sure all of your pet's vaccines are up-to-date and that you have the proper tools to treat them if something did happen. 

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Don't rush.

If this is something new for you and your pet, don't rush into it. If you pet is accustomed to being home most of the time, it's best not to take them on a 6 month adventure on the road. Start small and take them on small trips first. Let them get the feel for it and eventually when you mutter the word "RV", they'll be jumping for joy and fo on their next big adventure. 

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