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With the launch of a new website a company is always curious about public opinion. Does it represent their brand well? Does the design deviate completely from the previous website, or has it maintained some of the look and feel of the old site, making for a comfortable transition for returning customers? Is it easy to find those important pages, and has the update really added value or is it purely cosmetic?

These are the types of questions owners and managers want answers to, because if there are negative user trends in the feedback, solutions must be found. In the world of online marketing and eCommerce change is constant, and if a company can call an audible and tweak problem areas of their websiite to make their customers happy, then everyone benefits.

Please take a few minutes and fill out the quick form to the right. We are not asking you to take a fifteen minute survey, we respect your time too much. All we need is your name, a way to contact you and then, in your own words, whatever feedback you think will help us make your next experience even better.

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