Service FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find our service policies and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). This page will be updated to reflect new or changed policies and FAQs as they develop.


Sicard RV can provide on-site service at campgrounds or parks while they are open. Avoid having to pack up and bring your trailer in!

  • Service calls are available from mid-April until early-October. Contact Road Serivce for scheduling.
  • Service calls are chargable unless otherwise noted & do not include parts or labour. See below.
  • Service calls within a 250 km radius of Sicard RV are billed a flat $150.00.
  • Service calls outside a 250 km radius of Sicard RV are billed $150.00 & $2.00 per km beyond 250 km.
  • Warranty repairs do not cover service call charges*
    • *Jayco covers up to $120.00 for 3 service calls on their Jay Flight Bungalow trailers, only.
  • Extended Warranty companies may not cover service call charges. Check with your provider.
  • Multiple visits to complete a service call are included in the fee.
  • Additional requests will result in additional Service call charges.
  • Service calls are not available to motorhomes or private properties, such as a business or residence.
  • Levelling a trailer after it has been set up is a chargable service.
  • Our technicians cannot service anything on a roof of over 10 feet above ground due to Health and Safety regulations.
  • Major repairs cannot be performed on-site and must be brought in to our service center to be performed.
  • Please review your RVs specific owners manual to review all items that may be covered under warranty.
Sicard RV 250 km service radius

250 KM Road Service Radius from Sicard RV. Click to view .

Congratulations on your RV purchase and welcome to the Sicard RV Family!

This is an exciting time but can also be very overwhelming with an overload of information! We have a developed a snap shot of warrantable items so that you can understand what is warrantable, and what is customer responsibility, this way there are no surprises down the road.

Warranties & Adjustments on New RVs:

  • Jayco and Entegra Coach offer a 2-year manufacturer warranty with a 90-day "adjustment" period
  • Keystone, Fleetwood, Forest River, Leisure Travel Vans and Winnebago, offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty with a 90-day "adjustment" period.
  • "Adjustment* refers to any cabinet doors, man doors, slides and drawers that needs adjustment or have any nicks or imperfections.
  • After 90 days it will be customer pay for adjustment and touch ups.
  • Tightening of screws, lugnuts, lubrication, rust fading, condensation and normal wear and tear are not covered under warranty.
  • The only exception of coverage would be because of a component failure.

Sicard RV 30-Day Warranty on PreOwned RVs:

  • Preowned RVs that are sold with a gas and appliance check and cover the following items only: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and appliances. All warranty repairs must be performed at Sicard RV, or approved by Sicard RV to be performed at another service center.

Important Information:

  • Check all of your seals every three months
  • This is considered customer maintenance
  • This includes all the seals around your windows, running lights and all components on the roof.
  • If there is a gap in the silicone or dicor it is customers responsibility to make sure the gaps are filled with appropriate product (which we carry in our parts department) to prevent water leaks.
  • Please look at the carrying capacity on your VIN sticker located on the driver's side of the unit for trailers, overloading trailers can cause uneven tire wear which is not a warrantable item.

There is much more information in your manuals and we encourage you to read them to know what is covered so you can enjoy your purchase for a long time.

Again, we want to thank you for your business, and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have created a series of videos to help addressing common service issues customers encounter with their RVs. By reviewing our videos, you may be able to fix your problem easily without a service visit!

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