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Follow Falls Foliage As The Colours Change

Publish Date: Oct 6, 2016 Author: Bill Tucker Category: Travel

Fall is a favourite season for many people. The cooler nights, Thanksgiving family get-togethers, Halloween tricks & treats, and of course, pumpkin-everything!

It also presents us a beautiful spectacle with the changing colours of fall foliage. The progression of vibrant reds, oranges, golds contrasted against lush greens and clear blue skies is something to behold and a draw for local tourism. If you look forward to this event, it would be advantageous to know where to go and when to be there to enjoy the best views. It just so happens there are numerous websites devoted to helping you achieve just that!

Ontario Parks - Fall Colours

We have some amazing parks and conservation areas here in Ontario. The spaces protect magnificent and sometimes delicate ecology and permit us the opportunity to enjoy them and the serenity they offer. Not surprising, Ontario parks and conservation areas are a favorite destination among RV'ers.

Ontario Parks provides us a Fall Colour report that gets updated as conditions change. Here you can view an interactive map that illustrates the progression of colour change in a given park. This provides a great representation of what you would expect to find in the area. Below you will find a briefing for each park in alphabetical order with colour change and leaf fall percentages and where to best view the foliage in that park.

Ontario Parks great resource for fall colours

Ontario Travel - Fall Colour Progression Report

Another great resource is Ontario Travel's Fall Colour Progression Report. Updated twice a week, this PDF document is great to print out or download to take with you. It breaks the province down into regions, giving an updated percentage for colour change and leaf fall as well as the best viewing areas in a given region. Included are some useful links for local tours and points of interest.

Plan Your Trip - Share Your Images

These sites make it easy to know where to go so you can enjoy the peak viewing of the most vivid foliage. Some breathtaking images are sure to be at hand, share them! Send us an email to and we could feature your picture!

This article was originally published October 13, 2015. Published October 6, 2016. Updated September 23, 2017

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