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Working Remotely From Your RV

Publish Date: Oct 5, 2020 Author: Ashley Rego Category: Tips

This year, many people had to adjust their working lives and work remotely due to the pandemic. This includes RV'ers who either live in their RV full-time or even just wanted to travel while the kids were out of school but couldn't get any time off work. With the threat of a second wave looming upon us, for some, working remotely just might be the norm for a little while longer. We've put together a few tips on how to successfully work remotely from your RV.

1. Stay Connected

You'll want to make sure you have a solid plan when it comes to staying connected while working remotely. Make sure you have a good connection to begin with and a backup plan too. If all else fails, have a plan C where you go to a nearby library, coffee shop or restaurant with free WiFi connection.

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2. Set Up A Workspace

A great challenge with those who work remotely is maintaining productivity level. This can be especially difficult for RV'ers who can easily be distracted by the scenery or what's going on outside. Working from bed can also lead to physical issues, especially when done for an extended period of time. Instead, create a dedicated workspace in your RV that gives you lots of space and ultimate comfort to make you feel the most productive.

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3. Don't Travel On Workdays

If you can avoid it, don't plan your traveling days on the days you know you need to be productive. The last thing you want to do is add the stress of work deadlines to a travel day with the potential of something going wrong or unplanned.

4. Out Of Office

While working on the road doe shave its perks. Remember you're still allowed to take vacation days and enjoy the view. Make sure to put work aside and focus on relaxation and fun. Avoid the temptation to pick up your phone or laptop, or check your email and immerse yourself in campground activities, hikes, or just enjoying time with the family.

5. Embrace It

Don't be ashamed to tell your coworkers or clients that you work from your RV. In most cases, they'll think it's great! Especially once you've established productivity and a solid work ethic. Letting your clients and coworkers know about your working situation might help them be more understanding when you're experiencing poor internet connection or delays due to your working environment.

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