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Camping: It's good for your mental health!

Publish Date: Jan 13, 2021 Author: Ashley Rego Category: Tips

There are many reasons people choose to go camping. It might be to spend time with your family, reconnect with nature, get away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life, or simple to try something new. 

Camping is a great way to do all of these things, but what you might not realize is that camping can help you live a longer, healthier life. Many studies have proven that nature has a positive effect on your mental health. There are so many health benefits camping can have on your life and we're sharing some of those benefits below.

Relives stress, anxiety and depression.

Believe it or not, being around greenspace can actually lower levels of stress and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. What you see, hear and experience can significantly improve your mood. Plus, your ability to disconnect from your work life, social media and just your day-to-day routine can have a positive effect on your overall mental health and well-being. 

Lowers stress levels.

Camping allows you to cope with stress. Any kind of stress in your life can negatively affect your health. The lack of stress is related to the rise in oxygen levels, high levels of serotonin and managed levels of melatonin. It's also harder to get emotional, angry or annoyed when you're doing something you enjoy!

It can make you more physically active. 

The more obvious benefit of camping is spending is spending a lot more time doing physical activities. Doing activities like walking, cycling, jogging or doing yoga in a natural environment makes you happier. 

Improves your sleep. 

Sleep has a large effect on your mental health. Getting enough sleep is vital when it comes to thinking straight and controlling your moods. And when camping, you'll likely fall asleep after a full day of outdoor activities. Many campers report better sleep cycles when they return from a trip. Getting a good sleep can also reduce inflammation, improve your cardiovascular system and help you stay more alert. 

As you can see, camping can play a huge role in your mental health. So why not give it a try? This could be the break your mind and your body needs. 


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