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Campfire Dinner Ideas!

Publish Date: May 16, 2024 Author: Kyla Race Category: Food & Drink

We are finally entering the 2024 camping season as we welcome our first long weekend! As a celebration, we want to share some of our favourite campfire dinner ideas. Nothing can compare to a long weekend camping trip, surrounded by good laughs, company AND delicious food!

Homemade Mac & Cheese

Easy and cheesy! Mc & Cheese is a delicious dish that takes minimal ingredients and no time to make. It's a filling meal that can be made in many ways by adding ingredients or trying different types of cheese.

Mac and Cheese

Breakfast Skillet

This quick and easy breakfast idea can be prepared on an open campfire or on a stove. Have some leftover veggies you're looking to get rid of? Throw them together with some eggs, ham and hashbrowns and have yourself a nice hot breakfast skillet.

Breakfast skillet

Delicious Quesadillas

A quick and easy dish while at the campsite is quesadillas! With any leftovers from the trip, use a skillet or grill! This is a fun way to use some leftovers or prep all your ingredients! Don't forget the added garnishes!

Campfire Quesadillas

Campfire Cones

A quick and fun recipe for the whole family to enjoy is Campfire cones. Using a waffle cone, fill them up with any ingredients to make the ultimate dessert. Fill them with what your sweet tooth desires! Once assembled, wrap with aluminum foil, and place carefully on the campfire grill for 5 minutes!

Campfire cones

Roasted Marshmellow Cereal Bars

A viral trend going around social media right now, is grabbing some premade marshmellow bars and roasting them on the campfire! For those who love roasting marshmallows, this amps it up!

Roasted marshmellow cereal bars

Share your experience with these dinner ideas or any of your go to campfire dinner recipes, we would love to hear from you!

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