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Refer-A-Friend Program

Publish Date: Nov 26, 2020 Author: Ashley Rego Category: News

At Sicard RV, we strive to take care of our customers throughout their entire RV buying experience! We appreciate your business and thank you for trusting us with all of your RV needs. We would love to take care of your friends and family too! 

To give back to our customers and to make some new connections, we're launching our all-new Refer-A-Friend Program! 

How It Works

1. Refer a friend or family member by filling out the online form and you'll receive 50 Sicard RVip Points! 

2. When you're friend or family member purchases a new or pre-owned RV from Sicard RV they'll be awarded with a BONUS 100 Sicard RVipP Points

Refer A Friend

Note: To qualify for RVip Reward Points your referral must be a new customer and your submission received prior to their purchase. An email address is required to earn RVip Reward Points. No cash equivalent will be offered. Promotional emails can be opted-out of using the unsubscribe link contained in every email. 

Sicard RVip Rewards 

With the Sicard RVip Rewards Program, you can earn and redeem loyalty points in our Sales, Parts, and Service departments! You can learn about the RVip Rewards Program at

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