RV Covers for Travel Trailers and Toy Haulers

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permapro travel trailer & toy hauler covers

PermaPro Travel Trailer & Toy Hauler Covers

trailer with rv cover on
01-0823 Model 0 15'-18' L, 114" Max H $766.09 $476.99
01-0270 Model 1 18'-20' L, 118" Max H $816.59 $509.99
01-0271 Model 2 20'-22' L, 118" Max H $860.59 $486.99
01-0272 Model 3 22'-24' L, 118" Max H $899.69 $560.99
01-0273 Model 4 24'-27' L, 118" Max H $938.79 $584.99
01-0274 Model 5 27'-30' L, 118" Max H $977.49 $608.99
01-0275 Model 6 30'-33' L, 118" Max H $1,017.49 $633.99
01-0824 Model 7T 33'-35' L, 124" Max H $1,056.52 $713.99
01-0825 Model 8T 35'-38' L, 124" Max H $1,095.69 $682.99
01-0826 Model 9T 38'-40' L, 124" Max H $1,169.99 $730.99
Items "Sold Out" on this table appear with a line through them.

* Fit dimensions listed above include only the body of the trailer! See below for measuring directions.

all season protection

All Season Protection

all season protection

Extra Strength Fabric

zippered access

Easy Zippered Access

all season protection

Tear Resistant Fabric

Water Repellent

Water Repellent Fabric

all season protection

Dirt, Dust & Scratch Resistant

Measuring Directions

measuring your trailer
  • Trailer Length: Measure from the front of the trailer body to the back, including your exterior ladder or spare tire in the measurement.
  • Trailer Height: Measure from the bottom of the body to the top of the roof only.

Note: Tax not included in prices shown. Sales cannot be combined with other offers and do not apply to on sale or featured items. Quantities indicated are representative of those available at the time of publishing. Items featured are available until the end of the calendar month specified only unless otherwise stated and subject to change. Please contact our Parts Department to ensure availability and pricing!

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