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Healthy Camping Recipes

Publish Date: Jun 11, 2020 Author: Ashley Rego Category: Food & Drink
Want to enjoy some tasty camping favourites without the guilt that comes along with it? We've put together a list of delicious but healthier camping recipes from to try out on your next outdoor adventure. 

Johnny Cakes

Corn muffin mix is a pantry staple that not everyone knows how to use. Grate some fresh corn into the batter to make some incredibly tasty pancakes. 

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Brioche French Toast with Griddle Apples

Cook your bread and apples in coconut oil over high heat. A fat with a high smoke point that adds its own delicious flavour. 
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Grilled Vegetables in Foil

This is a great recipe to have on hand when camping over an open fire. Chop some asparagus, mini peppers and zucchini. Add a hint of garlic and butter for some extra flavour! 
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Grilled Beef & Vegetable Kebabs

Tri-tip is an inexpensive and flavourful cut of beef that takes beautifully to cooking over an open flame. Thread it onto skewers with some colourful veggies and marinate for eight hours before grilling over the campfire. 
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Cheesy Potatoe Pockets

These easy, cheesy potatoes cook in a foil packet perfect for throwing on the campfire for a delicious healthy snack.
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Campfire Banana S'mores

Try this fun twist on the classic s'mores recipe by making it inside a split banana.
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Egg-stuffed Breakfast Potatoes

This breakfast meal is perfect for camping! Filled with red bell pepper, eggs and cheese, these russet potatoe boats are bursting with flavour. It's an easy meal to put together and reheat over the fire.
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Campfire Biscuits on a Stick

Who said warm, buttery biscuits weren't campfire food? Thinly twist dough around a stick or skewer and hold over the fire for a deliciously toasty campfire biscuits. Kick it up a notch - add some extra butter and sprinkle some cinnamon sugar for a sweet treat or add some parmesan cheese for a savory snack.
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